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Centre for integration with African arts and culture is an integral part of the Pomeranian Association for integration with African Arts and Culture "One World", the only active non-governmental organisation in Poland today that is directed to promotion of African arts and culture, bringing them closer to the Polish society.
We are offering the following services:

a) Organisation of events, private and public parties for firms and other institutions. Our services include; original African dishes prepared by the magical hands of Larry Okey Ugwu assisted by Tomasz Lipski. African tales, plays, games, drumming shows, African dance shows. The offer is a well- packaged theatrical show of African masquerades and stilt walkers with beautiful fire works.

b) We operate two musical groups; BI-AFRO, a legendary underground group formed in the year 1996 by Larry Okey Ugwu, a Nigerian artist, musician, actor, showman, dancer, lawyer and teacher with Dr Jackson Staniszewski, a graphic artist, musician and lecturer of the Gdansk University of Fine Arts. The group displays experimental music of a combination of Reggae, Ska, Afro-rock, Funky, Psychedelic-Trans and Voodoo show. It is a five-man band.
IKENGA DRUMMERS: This is another highly interesting project from Larry Okey Ugwu, formed in the year 1997. Ikenga Plays original African ethnic music, Dumdum-Trans, Roots Gospel, Elelekulele, etc. Their music is based mostly on the vibration of the drums and the power of human voice. Ikenga Drummers is a ten-man band.

c) Organisation of workshops: This is a professionally organised workshop on the following: -
African exotic dances (Afro dance): Programme "Therapy through dancing". This is an old African method of healing that has proved very effective in the healing of mental and psychological illnesses.
Drumming: This includes drumming on different types of African drums and playing on other African musical instruments.
Construction: Here we teach how to produce different types of African drums and other African musical instruments.
Plastic arts: This is a workshop where we take the children through the world of different Continents,a workshop that is highly rated by critics and professionals alike. The chief instructor Mrs Barbara Polkowska Ugwu,is a well-qualified and respected professional.

d) Educational programmes: We carry out such educational programmes like :

1) the tales of an African Drummer

2) African folk tales and folk tales from other parts of the world. We do film projections, (educational and thriller films from and about Africa.)

e) Festivals: We organise musical festivals that attract big crowds, Street theatre actions and carnivals all in the best African style.

f) Paintings, Sculptures, Interior decoration: Our centre offers original paintings of great Pomeranian artists with African motives. We carry out, interior decorations designed in the best African style with a good professional approach.

g) Poetry and Prose workshop: This is being held every Thursday with a lot of interests from the youth.
The chief host Tomasz Lipski, is one of the most talented Poets of the younger generation. This is a workshop where every one has a chance to open up to creativity thanks to a harmonious atmosphere.

IKENGA KWENU............. YA !